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Sports games that support the Flip Grip

Flip Grip Compatible Game

Nitro Ball

Nitro BallJohnny Turbo’s Arcade

1 - 3 players 16/08/2018

Developer: Data East

Publisher: Golem Entertainment

Action Arcade Sports Adventure

It supports only the FlipGrip-inverse vertical orientation. You can put your Switch into the FlipGrip up side down and it works fine, just the latch does not hold it in place, so take care.

How to activate TATE mode: There is a Rotate Screen option right in the main menu, and also in the game pause menu.

What is a Flip Grip?

The Flip Grip makes portable vertical-mode gaming possible. Simply slide the Switch into the Flip Grip, then attach Joy-Cons, to get a handheld system capable of playing vertical-mode games

The Flip Grip is a collaboration between video game historian and Retronauts founder Jeremy Parish, engineer and designer Mike Choi, and Fangamer.


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